Shirt made bigger

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I was walking home when a bag of clothes left out on the street for rubbish caught my eye.

Feeling only a little shame, I started rummaging and pulled out a pink check shirt by uniqlo.

The size was extra small so I was intending to use it only for fabric, but at home, having washed the shirt and tried it on, was amazed to find it was a perfect fit in the arms and shoulders.

I decided to keep the shirt as an item of clothing and enlarge it by using fabric from shortening the length to make a panel insert for the back.



I matched up the stripes as closely as possible, obviously this was not possible all the way up, as there wasn’t much fabric to play with,  but it didn’t look too bad.

This is never going to be a best shirt but its now a good fit and perfectly serviceable.  It was more of an experiment than anything else.


During the process I learnt that a good fitting shirt sleeve goes right up into the armpit so when you lift your arms up the shirt doesn’t ride up.

The back panel has made the side seams sit slightly forward but this is tolerable.

I’d found this shirt outside a restaurant and later made a point of going to the restaurant wearing it.  I suppose I was hoping that one of the staff would say to me that they used to own a shirt like mine, but of course that didn’t happen.


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