Skirt and t shirt to dress refashion

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Flushed with the success of my previous skirt and dress to dress re-fashion, I tried a more summery version.

Starting with this skirt and a plain pink t shirt


The plain 100% cotton pink t shirt, originally from Marks and Spencer was just £1 from Penketh school charity shop in Warrington. It looked brand new.

It was already a good fit and needed no alteration.


The skirt was a panelled circular one in an easily creased light and floaty fabric, and a size smaller than I would normally buy.

It cost £2 from Battersea car boot.  I knew from previous experience that a slightly small skirt would be ideal for this make. I liked the blue/turquoise water colour palette in the fabric. It made me think of the sea and holidays.

Incidentally there were loads of clothes bargains at this popular boot sale, I arrived quite late which probably helped.

I removed the skirt from the waistband and  I threw the zip away, it was a really cheap one.


Waistband of skirt with lining attached:


lining removed




It occurred to me that the waist of the skirt would make a nice embellishment to the t shirt neckline and link it to the bottom half of the dress creation.

This was easy to fit to the neckline and worked really well. I’m already thinking I could do some kind of neckline embellishment with other plain t shirts.


Finally I stitched the lining back into the skirt (it wasn’t quite big enough now but that didn’t matter), and sewed the t shirt onto the skirt.

Result is a comfortable and summery outfit done very cheaply.  I have been happy to wear this dress for lunch dates.  Because of the very floaty fabric its not good in the wind – possibly why it was at a car boot in the first place.



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