Made in Italy restyled in London

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Giddy with excitement, I pulled this garment from the 50p bin in my favourite charity shop.


I say garment because I wasn’t sure what it was meant to be.  My best guess is a beach cover up bought by someone on holiday in Italy, or maybe on a cruise,  anyway its too short and baggy for a dress and too long and baggy for a top.

There was an unusual bust and hemline arrangement


This item had a lot of things in its favour, apart from the price.

The label states its is 100% linen and made in Italy, without actually being branded.


There was a nice lace yolk at the back and a rope edging around the neckline


And the unevenly dyed linen reminded me of a summer sky.

I usually buy things with a plan of what to do with them but with this sky blue number I didn’t really have a plan, so following the advice of another blogger, Kathy W,  I wore it around the house for a day hoping for inspiration.

I was wondering if the linen would be a bit scratchy but it wasn’t. I decided the sleeves needed to be short.

The construction was a bit unusual with two overlapping flaps at the bottom of the front.

I removed the flap panels at the front and shortened the sleeves and was left with this.


I took in some of the width in the body and sleeves but still left it quite loose, and hemmed the sleeves with a cuff.


Now there were decisions to be made, how to finish off the hemline.

I decided to leave the it with the asymmetrical higher at the front, hemline but do I use a contrasting fabric for the binding or self bind?

There is always, I believe, a temptation to over embellish with a refashion, and maybe I have fallen victim to that temptation.  I decided to trim the front with a binding made from a red checked fabric which was in my stash from when I shortened this Superdry shirt – more on that in an as yet unwritten post.


I think I made the right choice.


The finished top is still roomy.  The red check gives a nice contrast against denim jeans.


I couldn’t resist adding this ‘Superdry’ badge because it features two crossed sewing needles.


More photos of me wearing the top around Old Leigh, near Southend.


This will be a nice casual top to wear with jeans


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