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I bought this mens’ T shirt for £1


It’s a fairly heavy 100% cotton by Ocean Pacific, no country of manufacture, so that’d be China I guess.

I bought it because I had an idea for a neckline embellishment and I liked the green and yellow.

I got the idea from a previous t shirt and skirt to dress re-fashion.


What I didn’t like were the golden sunglasses but my plan included covering them up with a pleated sort of frill.


I hadn’t heard of this brand before but a quick online search showed the other main products were beach wear, and this t-shirt had probably been quite inexpensive when new.  Never mind, it was in good and little worn condition.  I suspect a holiday purchase which didn’t really work once back home. Through my trawls around charity shops I am beginning to suspect quite a lot of clothes would not be there if it weren’t for impulse buys on or for holiday, but a rich supply of a variety of colourful items from around the world is a great thing for refashion projects.

I cut up the viscose front of another t shirt to make a long strip.


I chose this fabric for the pleat because of its colours, but viscose is quite floppy and cotton would probably have worked better.

I used a pattern I made (using wrapping paper) and a well fitting t-shirt to mark out the new neckline with pins. I also shortened the length and made the body and sleeves slightly narrower.

WP_20150716_10_49_44_Pro WP_20150716_10_58_50_Pro

Now, starting from the middle, I pleated my strip to fit the new neckline – I didn’t attach it at this point.


The pleats had to be wedge shaped to account for the neckline curve, it covered up those shades.


I cut the off the spare fabric from the neck and neatened the back of the neck.


Finally I attached the frill, using a line of machine sewing supplemented with some hand sewn anchors, here’s the finished look, photos around Warrington and Sheffield.



The other side of the counter

At least I thought it was finished, but after wearing for a couple of days I re-shaped the body a to add a little more of a waist because it still felt like too much of a men’s fit, and added the Op logo to the right sleeve.  I also added some darts at the back, which made the front neckline slightly higher and messed about a bit with the pleated strip hand anchoring.

But that’s the great thing about sewing – if its not right you can fix it.

So here’s some more photos

WP_20150728_17_19_13_Pro[1]     WP_20150728_17_59_54_Pro


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