T is for Triangle

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I bought this shocking pint T shirt for £1 from my favourite charity shop.


I bought it because, well its a small shop and there wasn’t really a lot of choice on the day I went in, and to be honest I would have preferred a different colour.

It’s 100% fairtrade cotton from Marks and Spencer.


Firstly I made t shirt about a size smaller by taking in the side seams and arms.

I have recently bought a circular cutter and wanted to try out cutting in a strip of contrast fabric.

I measured and cut out a triangle.


Hmm, cutter gives a nice neat perfectly straight cut.

I also cut some strips on the bias from some men’s swimming shorts and sewed them in.  This fabric had no stretch and was much thinner than the t-shirt fabric.

The idea was that strips would give me back the width taken up by hems.


Despite my best efforts the triangle corners did not turn out too well, although the straight lengths looked OK.  It does look a bit better than this when being worn and stretched a bit.

I covered the corners with buttons.

WP_20150731_19_57_19_Pro  WP_20150803_19_54_51_Pro

Then added more buttons, I may have gone a bit overboard with the buttons.

WP_20150803_19_54_54_Pro   WP_20150810_12_01_55_Pro  WP_20150810_12_02_30_Pro

I am wearing this t-shirt regularly but it does look a bit obviously home made so I wear it a bit sheepishly.


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