Keep your cloth as long as you can, as long as you can

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I was going to an event which required me to wear a lumberjack shirt.

There was no time to prepare so bought,  and wore this 100% cotton Superdry men’s shirt.


The fit was not perfect so later I decided to shorten the length, but I followed the line of the original hem ie higher at the sides,  just made it all shorter,

Disaster, I had cut too much off and made it too short – maybe still OK to wear with higher waist trousers but not much else.

I didn’t want to give up, I’d paid £40 for this shirt, and looked for ways to salvage the situation.  One issue was, that being a man’s fit, the shoulders were too long and the armpit too low, leading to the shirt rising up even higher whenever I lifted my arms,  so I shortened the shoulders and added a blue t-shirt fabric insert to the armpits to make them higher.

WP_20150821_16_01_37_Pro  WP_20150821_16_02_19_Pro  WP_20150821_16_01_19_Pro

Well I’m not sure it’s a great success although the insert is not that visible and it’s made a nice soft seamless armpit.


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