Vintage scarf refashion

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Scarf fabric can be so dramatic.  Sometimes it deserves to be given centre stage

I’ve got loads of scarves, vintage and new.  Some of the old ones belonged to my mum or great auntie, and I don’t want to mess with them, but there are so many other lovely old ones out there in charity shops and I bought this one to experiment.

I spent an hour in Liberty last weekend admiring the new scarves on sale there but although beautiful, the price tags are £100 plus  and I can’t see myself buying any of them any time soon.

The subject of my refashion only cost £1 from roundabout, Sheffield, and had a small hole in it


which made me feel better about making some changes.  Its an old St Michael brand and the fabric is rayon satin, made in Italy.  It’s silky, shiny and slippery.


The second component of this refashion is a plain pale blue long sleeved t-shirt, a modern garment from Marks and Spencer’s Autograph collection.  It was £2 from traid, Brixton, a rather upmarket and trendy place on the whole, but for their sale I think they had brought out a load of stuff from the back of the shop that wasn’t really cool enough to sit on their rails normally, and flogged it off cheap.

The top was little worn and the fabric 85% cotton, 15% silk, there was an organza strip round the neckline, and it was made in Turkey. The fabric of this top was very thin and stretchy, the fabric of the scarf had no stretch whatsoever.  I wanted to find a workable way of combining the two.

WP_20160116_19_05_13_Pro (2)

The simple version is I folded the scarf to fit the front of the t-shirt and sewed it on.  I wanted a draped, stomach concealing effect which would allow the scarf fabric a bit of movement.

I spent a whole evening pinning, tacking and trying on.  The slippery fabric did not lend itself well to this operation and the dress form which I don’t have would have come in really handy.

I sewed in some folds and darts, to add to the drape.


Just as a side issue, I want to say aren’t seam rippers a good all round useful thing to have.  I always have mine in my hand to guide and hold down any awkward material like this, and to help me pull out any pins I’ve left too close to the needle.


Well here’s the finished article.  It looks OK from the front but the not shown side view looks a bit odd.


The neck to armpit section of the scarf is not sewn onto the t-shirt and I left quite a bit of scarf fabric to hang over the bottom seam.

I never actually cut the scarf anywhere but I doubt it would be wearable again if unpicked, It was more due to concerns about fraying that the scarf didn’t see the scissors.


Although I’m quite pleased with the overall look from the front, but the side view does look a bit too much like a scarf sewn onto a t-shirt and I might be a bit shy to wear it without a cardigan or something.



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