T shirt with doily detail

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I bought this pair of doilies for £1 at Roundabout Sheffield.


On closer examination I don’t think they are handmade, the stitching is too regular and they appear to be made from a fairly basic cotton thread, but they were perfect to use in a refashion.

This M&S top was going to be my inspirationuntitled

It looks remarkably like it has a pair of doilies stuck on the shoulders.

I examined this top in the shop to see how the doilies had been attached and they had been sewn on using a small zig zag stitch.

Obviously I needed something to sew the doilies to, and bought a grey marl t-shirt from H&M

h and m

The fabric is a thin and silky 90% viscose, 10% cotton, made in Bulgaria, cost was £7.99.

I wouldn’t normally buy a new item to re-fashion but I didn’t have any suitable t-shirts and this was cheap.

After trying various placement options I decided to go for a neckline rather than shoulder embellishment.  Due to the extra thickness of my doily compared to the M and S one, zig zag stitching might not have worked and not wanting to risk a fail, opted for tiny hand stitches to fix the doily to the t-shirt.

By tiny hand stitches, a technique I seem to be using quite a lot recently, I mean stiches where the needle is pointed into the same spot from which it has just emerged, just catching a couple of threads from the fabric, but the sewing is barely visible



I think it looks a bit like a snowflake!







One thought on “T shirt with doily detail

    plubby said:
    February 22, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    They are handmade you know – you can’t machine crochet …. Very nice!


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