Shirt vs Scarf

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I have a passion for scarves and I’ve got a lot. Some belonged to my mother, some to my great aunt, some have been presents, and a couple I have just found on the tube.  Of course I have also bought a fair few in charity shops.   The colours and patterns are so vibrant  and the  fabric so silky and luxurious.

I bought this one for £1  specifically for a refashion but I did wear it as a scarf a few times first – it deserved that respect.

The label says its ‘satin rayon’ and its from ‘St Michael’, the brand seen on older Marks and Spencer items. Made in Italy.  I estimate  1975 as its year of manufacture give or take 10 years.

The label was faded so I didn’t photograph it.



The shirt I sourced from ‘the other side of the wardrobe’, with permission of course.  It’s a nice sunny yellow with a very small check pattern and the fabric, although 100% cotton ‘easy iron’ is quite thin and partially transparent, but it does look the same both sides which is helpful.  I estimate its year of manufacture to be 1995, made in Macau (China}.

After toying with a number of ideas, I decided to use a pattern used in a previous refashion to marry up these 2 garments.


The scarf would take the central front panel and sleeves, but I was going to modify the sleeves to be handkerchief type ones so I could make the most of the scarf shape.



The shirt would take the rest of the pieces.  I had to use practically all of the shirt fabric to get all the pieces in.



I could probably have made the whole thing in one day but I started a bit late and when mistakes started creeping in I decided to sleep on it and finish the next day.


The scarf even enjoyed a trip back to its home country, on the rooftops of Milan cathedral.


I think I’m done with this pattern now though, time to move on.


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