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I am sorry to say that  a number of refashions I have done involve making clothes bigger and shorter.

I have had more success with this process than with making big clothes smaller, particularly trousers, I struggle with the fit on bigger to smaller trousers and am currently engaged in a running battle with a pair of trousers on which I just can’t seem to get the crotch right.

This skirt is one I made bigger and shorter.


Fabric is 100% linen, made in Turkey, from per una at Marks and Spencer,  with some contrast tapes at the hem end for interest. It cost £1, in a local charity shop which is ridiculously cheap as it didn’t look worn at all.  The size was one smaller than I usually wear but I knew this could be fixed.

The skirt had a very simple construction,  A-line made of panels, no lining and a very simple waistband,  which was only a piece of bias binding really so it was easy to remove.

Removing the waistband already added some stretch, but I am a comfort addict and cut off a 1 inch strip from the top of the skirt, thereby making the waist bigger again because of the A line shape.

The photo shows what I cut off and the finished waistband.


A new waistband was made from a thin strip of t shirt fabric in the same colour as the skirt – my stash is getting big, I can find almost anything I need in there now.

I stretched the new waistband slightly as I was sewing it on.  If I had been using a unstretchy fabric I would have made my own bias binding.

The only complication was the zip, which also had to be cut shorter, and I had to be super careful not to let the zip pull come off the end of the zip before I secured it with some hand stitches.  There was at least an extra inch of zip lurking under the side seam at the bottom end which was easy to recover by undoing a small amount of stitching at the bottom of the zip placket.


Finally I added a press stud at the top, there had been a button there originally but my buttonhole foot is broken.

Here’s the skirt being worn



Pleased with this one, its so comfy and will go with anything.



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