Skirt made bigger

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This is another skirt I bought for £1.


I knew it was going to be a bit small but I liked the colours and the shape is my style.

It was by ‘Fat Face’, a brand I usually like, in 100% cotton, fully lined with a thin, plain brown fabric, also 100% cotton, made in India.



The waistband area had several elements, there were the belt loops  (no belt supplied with the skirt), and additional decorative belt loops secured lower down the skirt with buttons.

The basic waistband was a rather nice contrasting piece of Indian style binding with no stretch,  which I removed and put in my stash.


I couldn’t just shorten the skirt from the waist to make it bigger, the length was OK anyway, I would have to add an insert panel as well as a new stretchy waistband.

I cut open the back seam and inserted a triangle of heavy duty elastic .

I also added a new stretchy waistband, which involved removing and re-attaching the decorative belt loops.



Front and back view of insert, adding 2 inches to the waistband.

Skirt is now a perfect and comfortable fit.  I won’t be able to wear it with a tucked in top, but rarely do that anyway.



Having worn it a few times, I did wonder if the insert would have been better placed at the front because there is a small change to the drape, probably only noticeable by myself – something to consider next time.


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