Brexit cushion made from found items

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I made a cushion to represent the 2016 referendum in which the UK voted to leave the European Union.


The cushion was based on the EU flag which features 12 gold stars on an azure background.

I used the correct dimensions of the flag to make the cushion but forgot about the seam allowances which makes the stars slightly bigger than they should be.

The stars were tricky, I had to buy a protractor and you can still see some of the tailors chalk used to draw them, which I am hoping will wear off soon

The main part of the cushion was made from a sweatshirt left behind by one of the gardeners in my residential development.  He was probably eastern European.

The stars were made from a scarf given to me by my daughter who works in a residential home for old people.  The scarf had belonged to a resident.

The black cross, representing the ballot paper, was made from a leather glove found on Piccadilly.

The four Union flag teardrops were made from a child’s hat found in Brockwell Park.  The Union Jack is in this case part of the Australian flag but I wanted to work with what I had. The two internal drops represent Scotland and Northern Ireland, who voted to remain, and the 2 outer drops represent England and Wales, which voted to leave.  All results were close.

The stars and teardrops were reverse applique and the cross was actual applique.

I also made some piping from the scarf to go round the edge of the cushion, that bit was just about sewing really.

In case you weren’t sure, I voted remain but think the result should be accepted and we should now get the thing done and move on.

I enjoyed making the cushion, its a match for my earlier kidney donation cushion.

I await a new major event in my life to inspire the next one.

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