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This post is going to be short because its much the same as the previous one. Same pattern, different view, different fabric.

After watching a few blogs I went to Walthamstow on a fabric shopping trip. There were lots of shops and I didn’t even get to all them, ran out of time. Prices were very reasonable. You can even get 50p per metre and I will be back soon.

I told myself I’d reached the stage where I need to stop being attracted to the lovely patterned fabric and get myself some easy to wear plains. Trouble is this type of plain fabric often looks like the most boring one in the shop, and this £2 per metre viscose, a rich olive green with dandelion heads and pink leaves, was too difficult to resist.

I made a Wilder top, with a 2 inch full bust adjustment. The top was a much easier and quicker sew than the dress.

The sleeves as drafted in the pattern are not quite full length and I was going to concoct some sort of gathering at the wrist end as many others already have, but have now decided its not needed. The viscose is very slippy and comfortable.

The fabric does suit this top very well and will be a perfect marriage with the yet to be made plain black trousers which are on my must sew soon list. I used 1.5 metres to make the top so total cost £3. This is great but when I started sewing a major goal ( of several) was to save the planet by using second hand fabric. Now I have a growing fabric stash and more than enough clothes. Re-think needed.

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