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maxi dress to lounge skirt refashion

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I’ve been going through some unfinished drafts on my blog and decided to complete them. This is one from 2019, or possibly even 2018.

Attracted by the bright orange colour pallet I bought this maxi dress at a charity shop in Bristol for £7 with the specific purpose of converting it to a maxi skirt to lounge around the house in.

The fabric is some kind of synthetic knit and the refashion is basically cutting the skirt portion off and adding a waistband.

I used some grey jersey, also bought in Bristol at Fabricland, from my stash to make a simple fold over waistband and salvaged the ties from the dress to use on the skirt.

The remaining fabric from the bodice came in handy for a later t-shirt refashion project.

I like wearing maxi skirts, they are warm and casual but only really wear them outside the home when on holiday, my problem, not the skirt’s problem.

This is a great skirt to put on when you’ve had a really big meal, can’t wait to get tights off and it’s too early to go to bed yet.