Scarf to shawl refashion

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This was such a simple project  I am not even sure it deserves the title of a refashion.

I found this scarf wrapped around a tree in my local park.

The label is ‘Old Navy’, made in China, and a quick look on the internet revealed the retail price was around $12.


I suppose someone had done the tree wrap thinking that the owner was more likely to notice it when next passing.  They did not get chance,  I saw it first.

After taking the scarf home and washing, I considered what to do with it.  It was a good size,  50 inches square, and the way the pattern was distributed around the edge would have made it a good candidate for  this treatment.

However the fabric was a very open weave, some kind of man made stuff, it was accurately described on the Old Navy website as gauze.  I thought that if I made something like a top out of it,  the result would be see through and the seams would be fragile.

I decided to add a few lines of stitching to make the scarf into a lightweight shawl type cover up, perfect for the transitional weather this month.


There was an inspiration piece, shown above.

I once pulled this simple white lacy top from the bargain bin of one of my usual charity shops, thinking the lace might be useful, but when I tried it on at home,  was pleasantly surprised and have worn it as is.  As you can see, this inspiration top is circular and my scarf is square but the general principle is the same.


I made a simple cut for the neck and turned it under twice for a hem (above) To make it more stable I added a line of fancy stitching (below)


Next I sewed a diagonal line from the corner inwards on each side, to give the suggestion of an armhole/sleeve.  The pattern on the scarf made this easy for me.


The result is not bad and does the job I had intended for it.  I like the pattern colours and it adds just enough warmth when the weather is a little chilly.  The lightweight gauzy fabric means the shawl can be rolled up quite small and carried around in a handbag.





The photo below shows the scarf close to the tree where I originally found it.


Bonus feature: Other scarves  have found

My usual source for items to refashion is charity shops but I am unashamed to say I have also picked up items from the street and even occasionally from bins.

There are 2 main reasons I refashion which are

  • I enjoy it as a hobby
  • I don’t like waste

Scarves don’t really wear out but people seem to drop them quite often

This top is one I have previously made from a scarf found on my way to work.


This one below I do wear as a scarf.  I was at the theatre when 15 min before the end of the show,  a couple rushed out early.  The scarf fell to the floor as they exited.  From several rows away I could not shout to them and disrupt the performance. At the end everyone else stepped over the scarf but I picked it up. Well if they left in a hurry they’re not going to come back for it are they?